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Who is Caleb McLaughlin-Know More about this High-Flying Celeb in His Teen Years

Caleb McLaughlin may well be said to be one of the highly talented actors and singers of United States decent or origin. Of his date of birth and where he was raised, the young talented actor doubling as well as a musician was born October 13 2001 and raised in Carmel New York and then begun his acting career when he featured in the film Lost in the Stars, from the Glimmerglass Opera House.

Though, the lad’s moment of big time fame and glory may be said to have some with the splendid appearance that he made with the Netflix horror and fantasy series christened Stranger Things. By and large, not a single American citizen has failed to admire the role that the boy played in this particular flick.

This high flying actor, young as he is, portrays the character of Lucas Sinclair, which happens to be a co-lead role in this highly successful drama series. Then came the New Edition Story, another drama series where the young Caleb McLaughlin, just at 18 years as he is today, affirmed his status as such a talented actor, a series in which he played the role of Ricky Bell.

By and large, his success may be traced way back from when he started, from Broadway Musical where he played the character of Young Simba, in ‘The Lion King’. His spectacular acting skills have actually earned him features in aa host of music videos by various musicians. In fact, in the year 2012, he even got featured in the short film, Norah Dreams of Origami Fortunes, and his performance in this flick is one that has been the topic and has been received well by even his knockers. Needless to mention the fact that Caleb McLaughlin has even had guest appearances in television shows such as Unforgettable, Law & Order, and Forever. By and large, the one thing that has made him such a standout character and a sensation of a kind when it comes to teen celebrity is the fact of his outstanding acting skills and talent that you hardly find in many of his age.

To his family, Caleb was born to Corey McLaughlin Sr. and April McLaughlin. Aged 18 today, he was born on Oct. 13 2001 and has his two beautiful sisters, Crystal and Caitlyn. Not to forget, he has a brother as well, named Corey McLaughlin Jr. and as a matter of fact, he has been a great son to the parents and a good brother to his siblings.

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